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Window Stik


The Window Stik is the perfect gift for anyone who owns an antique house. In any old house there are some windows that just will not stay open, and The Window Stik is an elegant solution to the problem.

The Window Stik is made of solid cherry and features steps that can hold a window open in four positions. They can even be positioned inside a window so little hands can’t yank them out and make the window crash down. With the hole at the top, the Window Stik can be hung near the window so it never gets lost.


“As a specialist in wooden window restoration I’ve seen an amazing variety of things used to prop open windows from real sticks to books to toilet paper rolls,” said Alison Hardy, owner of Window Woman of New England. “Of course the ideal thing would be to repair the windows so they open and close properly, but for an incredibly cost effective solution, this can’t be beat.”

The Window Stik sells for $18.00 each with discounts for quantities over 20. They can be shipped anywhere in the US for $5.00 additional shipping and handling, or they can be picked up at Window Woman of New England, 44R Elm Street, Amesbury, MA. FREE shipping on quantities of 20 or more!

Call 978-532-2070 to order yours!

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