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Renew, Revive, Restore:

Why Investing in Window Restoration Matters

Original windows in your home add a unique character and charm. After enduring over fifty years of use, these windows can substantially prolong their lifespan with appropriate maintenance. Their remarkable endurance is often attributed to their construction from durable, high-quality wood and meticulous craftsmanship. In contrast, replacement windows not only lack longevity but are also designed to fit within existing window openings, reducing the amount of natural light entering your space.


Vintage windows are crafted from old growth wood, known for its higher density and resistance to rot. While joints may loosen or rot may emerge over time, these issues were anticipated in the design, and the windows were intentionally created to be repairable indefinitely.



It’s easy to take a driving tour of bad replacement windows – shiny white vinyl, stuck on muntin bars, and flat glass. The proportion, shapes, and wavy glass in older homes are part of the beauty and character that makes these homes so appealing


Older windows can be just as energy efficient as new windows. Through a combination of repairs and weather stripping we can make the windows snug and weather-tight again. Ask any energy auditor – new thermal imaging technology can provide insight into where energy loss is happening before assuming it’s the windows.



With replacement windows, it’s all or nothing. We have the flexibility to address specific needs, we can do as little or as much as needed. Services like replacing broken panes and cords are inexpensive and quick. Even with complete restoration, our services often prove to be more economical than the wasteful alternative of window replacement.

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Discover the compelling reasons why restoring or repairing your windows is a game-changer for your home or business. Window Preservation Alliance’s comprehensive guide provides insights into how revitalizing your windows can enhance aesthetics, boost energy efficiency, and preserve the character of your property.

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