Your original windows add a lot of character and charm to your home. They have weathered more than 50 years of use and can have a much longer life span with some maintenance. Chances are they have survived as they are made from some very solid, high quality wood assembled with fine craftsmanship. Replacement windows cannot compete on longevity, plus they are designed to fit
INSIDE the existing window openings making your visible light less.


Antique windows are made of old growth wood which is more dense and rot resistant. Joints may loosen up or rot may be present, but all can, and was designed to be repaired indefinitely.


It’s easy to take a driving tour of bad replacement windows – shiny white vinyl, stuck on muntin bars, and flat glass. The proportion, shapes, and wavy glass in older homes is part of the beauty and character that makes these homes so appealing.


Older windows can be just as energy efficient as new windows. Through a combination of repairs and weather stripping we can make the windows snug and weather tight again. Ask any energy auditor – new thermal imaging technology can provide insight on where energy loss is happening before assuming it’s the windows.


With replacement windows it’s all or nothing. With repair and restoration we can do as little or as much as needed. Services like replacing broken panes and cords is inexpensive and quick. Even with complete restoration our services are often less costly than wasteful window replacement.

Read the Window Preservation Alliance

Top 10 Reasons
WPA Top Ten Reasons to Restore or Repair Windows

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Applied History: Stop the Draft!

Applied History: Stop the Draft!

Hosted by Matthew Blanchette, Licensed Realtor and Window Woman of New England

Original windows are always blamed for being drafty, for rattling and for not being energy efficient. But the answer is not replacement windows – it’s weather stripping! In this workshop, we will discuss different types of weather-strip material, where to place it, and how to install it. Participants will learn some basic tips on evaluating window efficiency and planning for the cold winter months ahead.

Tickets are $20 at the door and please be a little early so we can start at 1 PM sharp!




Open House and Sash Revival May 16th, 2020. We are once again opening the workshop doors so you can see what goes on behind the scenes, meet the crew, nosh on some yummy food, watch demonstrations, and learn more about the art of window restoration. What is a Sash Revival? You bring your window sash… Continue Reading